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A Little Bit of Summer

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One of my favorite things I canned this summer was nectarine preserves.  I am not a huge fan of peachy-nectarine jams and didn’t even plan on making one. Instead, I set out to make apricots preserved in vanilla bean and white wine, but when I got home I looked at my “apricots” and realized they were, in fact, nectarines.  Strong work, observational skills!

Luckily, I found this recipe from Canning for a New Generation for nectarine jam with vanilla beans.

I figured I had nothing to lose so I whipped up a batch.  It.  Was.  Good.  So good that I went out, bought more supplies, and canned two more batches!  I put it on toast, over ice cream, and I am thinking of making some sort of cake – just so I can drizzle these preserves on top.   Yum.

I will definitely be making this come next summer.

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